About Premium Oudh Shop
Why Premium Oudh?
Started with the passion to create fragrances that were not only personalized but pure in every way, Premium Oudh has always stood a class apart. Ever since the inception of Premium Oudh, we’ve succeeded in creating a brand name that is synonymous with pure Oudh (Agarwood) products.
Today we bring to you a surreal aromatic experiences with the best-in class Oudh Attars and Oudh Chips sourced from the ancient forests of Asia.

No longer do you have to compromise the quality of your fragrance to accommodate your budget, as Premium Oudh brings you an aromatic experience that’s handcrafted for absolute purity.
What Premium Oudh Offers
Catering to the exquisite demands of Oudh enthusiasts, we’ve fabricated Oudh Attars that are uniquely different in more way than one. Oudh products manufactured from the exotic forests of Assam and Cambodia bring a variation among the different types of Oudh products we offer.

These aromatic Oudh products are not limited to exclusive Attars, as Premium Oudh brings you handcrafted soaps, candles, solid perfumes and so much more.

Apart from Oudh fragrances in different aromas and intensities, Premium Oudh brings you handcrafted Bukhoor that is destined to be your favorite choice to cleanse your homes.
Our Products Are 100% Natural
Premium Oudh Shop ensures that there is no amount of additives that could either increase the quantity or change the aroma of the 100% natural agar wood oil and chips. The resources are extracted from only the mature and finely aged agar wood for the best results every time you use it.

We pride ourselves on the premium quality natural products we deliver, with a high quality assurance mark for your satisfaction.
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