The process of applying oudh (oud) oil varies by culture, geography, and person to person. Every connoisseur of oudh may have their own method, tested, and proven, but that doesn’t make it the only proven and tested method.
We’ll share the method of Arab culture and tradition where oudh holds a special significance – one that resonates sophistication.
While most are prone and used to rubbing gently (or fiercely) the oudh oil onto their palms before applying it on their clothes, hair, and beard, this is not the most ideal way of applying oudh, especially if its meant to last a long time as a fragrance to elevate one’s mood.
Note: applying oudh oil onto one’s palm and rubbing it into the skin until it absorbs does certainly have its own benefits – namely better digestion, increased blood flow, and many more ayurvedic benefits and qualities. 
Here’s what we know and have learned through the generations:
Apply oudh oil directly from the glass stick onto the back side of the ear lobes – not rubbing it in, but gently applying it with the tip of the glass stick. Do this with both ears.
Gently push your ears with open palms on both hands, pressing them gently inwards. The goal here is to let the oudh oil spread itself over your neck area that’s parallel to your ear lobes. Don’t rub it in. Leave it as is.
If you boast a manly beard, apply oudh oil directly from the tip of the glass stick through your beard onto your neck area – right underneath your chin. Don’t rub it in. Leave it as is.
This will ensure longer lasting fragrance, beautiful aroma that will not only circulate through your sensory nodes but also create an ambiance of sophistication around you.

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