Agarwood or aloeswood has been around for centuries, of course. Known also as the wood of Gods, fragrance of kings, and everything else in between that resonates with royalty, sophistication, and superiority. It has been a symbol of greatness for ages – used in very special occasions in rich cultures around the world. 
When it comes to burning the agarwood, though, its entirely a different ballgame. With the agarwood chips, or jura chips, so expensive, and true, genuine chips so hard to find, burning the agarwood chips directly on coal without following procedures is as good as burning money – fast.
As with anything agarwood or oudh, methods and processes vary vastly from different parts of the world. Different cultures with different traditions and different uses make it extremely difficult to truly nail down the right process. We’ll try to help!
The purpose we’re after is to make sure the agarwood chips don’t burn through quickly. There’s nothing worst than investing a lot in premium agarwood chips or jura chips only to watch the burning coal ingulf the wood and burn it through, along with its resin, in less than a minute to only leave the burning smell behind and nothing else. 
Here’d what we recommend:
Be very patient – like all good things in life, this too will take time.
We recommend an electric burner with temperature control and time control, if possible.
Fire up your electric burner to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Throw around 4-5 chips, with the black resin facing down.
Be patient. It takes around 15-20 minutes for the heat to reach the resin inside the wood chips. You’ll notice the sweet agarwood fragrance seep through, slowly, but surely.
We recommend around 2-3 hours of heating, with flipping the wood chips halfway through to release fresh fragrance trapped inside the resin on the other side.
Depending on the density of resin inside your agarwood or aloeswood chips, you may be able to use the same chips again for at least 3-4 times. Our RD2 agarwood chips can be used in this process for a good 4 times before the agarwood turns entirely black and you can no longer smell the resin. 

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